Brett Kimberlin

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This Brett Kimberlin thing is pretty nuts. He's a convicted terrorist (for bombings in Indiana in 1978), and is apparently threatening people online for trying to out him: Robert Stacy McCain claims he has fled Maryland in response (after only a few days of McCain posting stories about Kimberlin).

There's a lot that Kimberlin is alleged to be responsible for, in addition to his convictions for forgery, bombings, drug smuggling, perjury, etc. Many think his bombings were an attempt to cover up a separate murder. And more recently, it's believed he is making criminal threats, and, worse, actually calling the police claiming to be the target of his harassment, saying he's just murdered people, and giving the target's address. Someone did this to an L.A. County Deputy Prosecutor that Kimberlin disliked, and he suspects it was a certain friend of Kimberlin's (who happened to call him as the SWAT team arrived at his house).

It's hard to figure out what's actually going on with Kimberlin, but one thing's for sure: there's a lot more people trying to figure it out now than a week ago.

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