+Simon Vozick-Levinson is telling a stupid joke.  His article reads more like satire than opinion, let...

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+Simon Vozick-Levinson is telling a stupid joke.  His article reads more like satire than opinion, let alone the news it purports to be.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is one of the most hardcore right-wing extremists in America.

False.  Not even remotely true.  He doesn't have any views that are "extremist" on the right.

His slash-and-burn policies have gutted Wisconsin workers' collective bargaining rights

Simon is being extremely dishonest here: Walker's reforms were only about government employees.  And far from being "extreme," many pro-union folks, including FDR himself, agreed with Walker's views on this.

defunded Planned Parenthood

Again, this is only true insofar as it relates to state government funds.  And this is not remotely "extreme."

The article gets stupider, but don't bother reading it.  Just realize that Rolling Stone is not getting any better, after publishing proven lies about vaccines and mercury, about how Bush "stole" Ohio in 2004, about college rape allegations, and so on. G+

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