Gary Johnson reiterated on Stossel this week that government should use force to punish people for refusing...

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Gary Johnson reiterated on Stossel this week that government should use force to punish people for refusing to provide services they morally disagree with.

Johnson proves three things. First, he doesn't actually believe, fundamentally in liberty. He believes that liberty is good when it achieves a practical goal, but not for its own sake. Your freedom is only good because it is good for society, not because it is good for you, in his view.

Second, he has a deep lack of understanding and empathy for people with values different from his own. He looks down on religious people as backward and mean, not because they are (although certainly some are), but because he doesn't share their beliefs, and so therefore there's something wrong with them.

Third, he knows very little about the First Amendment. He thinks religious freedom of the sort that allows someone to simply not provide photo services for a gay wedding is the same that would allow someone to murder because "God told them to." In the words of Ian Tuttle, "This is some A-grade, five-star, top-shelf stupid — and that’s in an election featuring almost unlimited material from Donald J. Trump."

This is why I won't vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee, even in an election where a. I won't vote for the Democrat, b. I won't vote for the Republican, and c. I call myself a libertarian. G+

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